Green Sports International Private Limited is a part of NS GROUP of Companies which was established in the early 80s. NS GROUP has been a known symbol of quality in the sports world for more than three decades. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of sport garments and goods. We have been supplying our products to some of the world’s most famous brands. We comply with International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 


Green Sports trade mark (Colour Scheme of logo), Green & Wattle Gold, represents the circle of life.

GREEN is the sign of life, plants, trees, grass, fields, playing grounds, sports stadiums which all represent a healthy energetic active life. Rain brings the green to our environment and we (GSI) bring the life to the sports world by supplying sports wears no matter whatever game you are in, whether a player on the field or a supporter cheering from the stadium stands showing off your allegiance by wearing the colours of your team. We make that possible, the sports competitiveness, the human emotions of wearing colours (uniforms), the cheering, the joy, the victory celebration all made possible by GREEN SPORTS

WATTLE GOLD, is the colour of success, earning of the hard work we do, the training, the sweat, the pain, the disciplines, sharping our skills, preparing ourselves to stand and preform on the front of millions people around the world and to make them stand on their feet, holding breaths, jumping with joy, waving their colours, all made possible with our support to sports communities around the globe. 


Our mission is to support the active healthy lifestyle in communities. We are trying to do our best to make sports wears and sports goods affordable and available to any and everyone who is willing to be active 

● Supplying top quality goods with competitive prices

● Sponsoring local clubs, communities (T&C apply)

● Creating opportunities for the young generation

● Helping to build & grow communities ties

● Supporting every kid to have the right to play sports 

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we have complete sports clothing manufacturing setup in house and it has been running for over three decade now. We produce large scale of sports clothing and supply them around the world

Fabric Production Plants

Green Sports proudly own state of the art fabric production plants, from fabric knitting, manufacturing machines to fabric colour dying machines. We can produce any and every fabric in house.

Garment Production Process 

Green Sports have state of the art sewing, pressing, packing machines units for mass production of garments. We have a large number of employees including contractors and subcontractors working in these units.

Embroidering Facilities

Green Sports owns the latest state of the art embroidery machines unit. We do 99% of embroidery in house. 

Sublimation Facilities 

Green Sports owns and uses latest sublimated printers in house to meet the growing demands of the sublimated sports wear.

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